The Name Of The Game Is Co-operate


Continuing our exploration of those crazy, Hays-y days of roadshow, here’s one from a member of the illustriously infamous 40 Thieves, Dan Sonney…A cute little rube named Nancy (Joy Reynolds) follows her big sister to Hollywood with dreams of stardom. Big sis Paula (Lisa Rack) tries to warn her to turn tail and get the hell home while the gettin’s good…but the kid’s starry-eyed. Nancy scores a gig as an artist’s model, then is offered a job at “The Colony”, a private resort for rich men where the fellas can have their pick from a stable of babes. Will Nancy escape with her virtue intact? Great performances by Joy Reynolds, Lisa Rack and Geri Moffatt as the embittered, used up “Easy”…and whoever the hell played Joker, keep what could’ve been completely bleak sleaze light-hearted. “These guys come down here for a ball, not a ball and chain.



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