The Crooked Wheel


A housewife (Martha Chapin) arrested for murder recounts how she was conned by a gambling club that’s a front for a white slavery operation…Beautiful women are swindled into debt by rigged games and coerced into “taking it out in trade”. Compelling setup, eh? Of course it’s all just an excuse for chorus girl butt shots and to get pretty women down to their lingerie. In the 30’s nudity was a risky proposition, even for roadshow pictures operating outside of the Hays Code…but occasionally they could sneak in a little whisper of skin…and the greater the “societal ill” they were tackling, the more debauchery they could get away with. Ms Chapin is totally gorgeous (see the pic below) looks sexy as hell in lingerie and almost gets naked in one scene…She begins to strip off her silkies…but before we can see anything tasty there’s a jump cut that makes it look as if she teleported to behind her dressing screen. So if there were any shots of Ms. Chapin in the alltogether, they were most likely excised by some conscientious censor…perhaps consigned to some private archive to protect the public eye from being sullied…The fear and outcry over nudity has constantly boggled my mind…The adoration of the female form has always been an integral part of cinema, art, everything…Walk into the earliest cave-dwelling and you’re sure to find a stick figure with boobies scrawled on the wall…



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