Cut Up A Touch


Now this is what I call exploitation! Immediately after Robert Mitchum got busted for possession of wacky tobaccy, producer Kroger Babb cast Mitchum’s pretty blonde co-defendant Lila Leeds as the ingenue tarnished by that evil weed in She Shoulda Said No. As roadshow “dope exposes” go it’s actually pretty good…much better written and executed than the far more famous Reefer Madness. There’s still some laughably melodramatic moments in it…but it has some clever intentional humor, snappy noirish dialogue, visual flair…and some tasty theremin ooo-wee-oo Although she was hired as a publicity stunt, Lila Leeds could act and it’s fun to follow her arc from naive goody two shoes to a poor man’s Barbara Stanwyck. Just remember kids…if you don’t want to end up on a big purple cloud, stay off the tomatoes…



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