No Extra Business


I think we can all agree that clowns are creepy…but ol’ Bobo here has some serious hangups. He’s not satisfied with the service at his favorite 976 “phone fantasy” line…He wants to reach out and touch someone…to meet the lovely ladies in person…and kill ’em. And I don’t mean in that standup comic “I killed ’em” metaphorical way either. This stylish, steamy, sick and witty whodunnit from the late 80’s is a throwback to 70’s giallo films and early 80’s slasher flicks, when silver screen psychos were still scary and hadn’t become franchised household names, Ronald McDonalds of gore…The cast alone is a treat for cult movie geeks. Cameron Dye (Valley Girl, Fraternity Vacation) is the hero and prime suspect. Karen Black is the “phone fantasy” boss. Geoffrey Lewis is her bitter, paranoid alcoholic ex-husband. Bud Cort is a bashful accountant with a creepy secret. Tracey Walter (Repo Man) is the police detective. And there’s cameos by Paul Bartel (who was executive producer. The director Michael Schroeder was first assistant director on Bartel’s Lust In The Dust) Lainie Kazan, Tab Hunter…and a great bit by Divine as a grizzled, very butch detective. “That stupid schmuck couldn’t find his pecker in his pocket.”



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