Dope Fiends From Outer Space


What we’ve got here is a bizarro arthouse picture with the most classic of all B-Sci Fi plots: Aliens land on Earth in search of some depleted resource. (Water. Blood. Women.) In this case, they’re here to score opiates. Yep, they’re space junkies. So they target Margaret (Ann Carlisle) a high fashion model (high being the operative word here…she’s also a junkie) Adrian (Paula E. Sheppard of Alice, Sweet Alice) her performance artist lover…and other bohemian weirdos of the Greenwich Village New Wave art scene. Space aliens should blend right in. The aliens figure out that the same chemical triggered in the brain by narcotics is also released during orgasm: dopamine. “Why do you think they call it dope?” as the saying goes. (It’s also what gives people the feeling of “love”, by the way…and what makes love so addictive.) Suddenly everybody who goes to bed with Margaret ends up dead, drained by the aliens. Now that would tend to freak most people…but those Greenwich Village chicks are kinky. Carlisle is strangely fascinating and fascinatingly strange as the narcissistic/masochistic Margaret. She also plays a rival male model named Jimmy…which leads to some funny Patty Duke Show style interaction. Paula E. Sheppard brings the same razor-tongued gonzo charm that she displayed in Alice, Sweet Alice. The picture is loaded with beautiful surreal imagery…even if you’re stone cold sober, it’s still one helluva headtrip…



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