A Swinging Tribute


Contrary to popular belief, the films of Russ Meyer are not just a showcase for monumental knockers, bodacious ta-tas and major league yabbos. There’s romance…compelling melodrama…political commentary…social satire…immaculate cinematography…cutting edge editing…the funniest dialogue of all time…and jaw-droppingly pneumatic funbags. For action see Faster,Pussycat! Kill! Kill!…the ultimate drive-in movie…Who else before Russ had seen or even conceived of a character like Varla and her badass Amazon drag-racing, karate-chopping, maneating go-go girls? Who else would have had the testicular fortitude to mock 20th Century Fox on its own dime, as in Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls? Of course if you really just wanna get your fill of colossal casabas see Mondo Topless…it’s got the highest breast-per-second quotient of all…because it’s about topless dancers pure and simple. The ladies shake their capacious moneymakers whilst pontificating upon their ecdysiacal philosophies. French/Swedish minx Babette Bardot is particularly delicious in it. I’ve been smitten with this kitten ever since I first laid eyes on her in Common Law Cabin. She’s got more curves than a rollercoaster. What sets Meyer’s movies apart from the lion’s share of exploitation pictures, besides their professional craftsmanship, is that there’s no bait-and-switch. He always delivers the goods…with a gusto unparalleled in cinema…



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