She’s Lost Control


Christina (Susan Denberg) a sweet girl with a scarred face and gimpy leg from a childhood accident is tormented by a trio of obnoxious posh yobs. They eventually frame her boyfriend Hans for the murder of her father,and he’s executed for it. Distraught, Christina kills herself. Enter ol’ Doc Frankenstein (Peter Cushing, erudite and wry as ever) who reanimates Christina’s corpse, hottens her up and injects Hans’ soul into her body. Mindboggling logic, yes…but they don’t call him a mad scientist for nothin’. Hans, understandably pissed about the whole situation, uses this new fetching vessel to seduce and destroy the posh yobs. Hammer Films offered many different and often odd takes on the Frankenstein mythos and with this one created the subgenre of gender bender horror (often applied to Jekyll and Hyde, as in their own Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde and Dave Friedman’s Adult Version Of Jekyll And Hyde) Shrinks could debate endlessly on the psychosexual implications of such a switcheroo and why it frightens men so…



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