Cirque DeSade


If you believe the movies, it’s never  a good idea to road trip or hitchhike, since you’ll invariably end up stranded in the middle of nowhere with a psycho killer, a family of psycho killers, or an entire town of psycho killers. In Terror Circus (aka Nightmare Circus, Barn Of the Naked Dead) Mad ringmaster Andre (Andrew Prine) likes to play the good Samaritan, rescue damsels in distress on the highways of Vegas…and add them to his menagerie of “animals” for his own little “circus”. I’ll bet feminists just love this picture. Meanwhile, Andre’s daddy is a monster, mutated by local A-bomb tests, who lumbers around mangling any poor bastard who crosses its path. Supposedly the radiation is also to blame for Andre’s psychotic misogyny. Damn male chauvinist atoms…



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