Have A Nice Death


When I was a kid in the primitive days of VHS and cable I saw an awesome horror film set in a shopping mall that managed to be both scary and blackly humorous, satirizing American consumerism…it was called Dawn Of The Dead. But seriously, folks…let’s talk Chopping Mall. A group of teenage mall employees, including the adorable, plucky Kelli Maroney (Night Of The Comet, Not Of This Earth) and beauteous Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond) decide to stick around after closing to throw a party. They picked the wrong night, unaware that the new robot security guards have just gone rogue thanks to a stray bolt of lightning frying their “don’t kill people” circuits…or something. Too bad they didn’t get the nice-guy lightning, like Number 5. Pastel-sweatered mayhem ensues in this slice of 100% pure 80’s cheese chockful of laser blasts, splatter and gratuitous hooters (wouldn’t be a Wynorski without some breathtaking breastisses). The real fun for B-movie geeks like me is spotting all the cameos by Corman Studios regulars and references to New World and AIP films. “Thank you. Have a nice day.” 



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