Loose Lips or A Snatch Of Conversation


Penny (Candice Rialson, Hollywood Boulevard, Candy Stripe Nurses) is having a spot of female trouble. Seems she’s got a precocious chocha. Her canyon does its own yodeling. In other words, her vagina launches into monologues. This is socially awkward for her at first but when the right people discover that her thingamajig can sing, Penny and “Virginia” create an overnight sensation and a star is born. Sure, the joke gets old pretty quick but I’ve gotta give ’em props for audacity and originality. It’s quite a departure for director Tom DeSimone, who’s mostly known for women’s prison pictures (and gay porn). Candice is a delight as always, a sexy blonde bombshell with chutzpah and natural comedic timing. Other interested parties in this genital spectacle: Rip Taylor, Professor Irwin Corey and…Gladys Kravitz. (“ABNER!”)



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