Emerald Ire


This one is an 80’s Italian throwback to New World’s 70’s jungle prison pictures like The Big Doll House. Repeat offender Linda Blair (Born Innocent, Chained Heat, Red Heat) is Daly, a vengeance-bent escapee from a South American island prison, out to destroy Luker (Leon Askin of Hogan’s Heroes) and his company that used her and her fellow inmates as slave labor in an emerald mine. It doesn’t have the humor or charming characters of Jack Hill’s prison flicks, but it does have beautiful, exotic transsexual actress Ajita Wilson (Sadomania, Island Of  1,000 Delights) as a fierce inmate and Penn Jillette as a security guard. Linda Blair only appears in the beginning and end and provides narration for the jungle scenes (the producers just bought another women’s prison flick cheap and shot new wraparounds with Blair) but when she’s onscreen she owns the movie. It’s no mystery why Redd Kross wrote a song about her…



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