Ain’t That Tough Enough?


Here’s another women’s prison picture from Paul Nicholas, director of the classic Chained Heat. A  doofus named Willy (John Terlesky) picks up bodacious sociopath Rita (Christina Whitaker) hitchhiking in his stolen car. She instantly seduces Willy into helping her rob a bank. Willy’s innocent ex-wife Michelle (Shari Shattuck) is a teller…and when a robbery goes sour she and Rita end up in the slammer together. (C-c-c-catfight!) Naturally, the jug is run by a corrupt, sadistic warden (Angel Tompkins) and there’s a sleazebag male guard, rival gangs, brutal fights, Sapphic shenanigans…The whole shmear. Oh, and the Fabulous Thunderbirds’ hit Tuff Enuf. I definitely recommend watching this back to back with its predecessor Chained Heat for a double dose of  criminal mischief.  “This used to be such a nice place.”



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