Quien Es Mas Enmascarado? OR The Day Mexico Stood Still


The Martians have arrived! (In a flying saucer that looks like a wok or a backyard grill without legs.) They’ve come to save us from ourselves, demanding nuclear disarmament and world peace…or else! (Shades of The Day The Earth Stood Still…or Plan 9 From Outer Space.) Sounds noble enough, doesn’t it? And at least they’re not after our women like Dop or the Mysterians…they’ve got their own space babes (including blonde bombshell Eva Norvind). But when they disintegrate some kids from Santo’s wrasslin’ class, well, it’s time for Santo to whup some extraterrestrial culo. Y’see, he’s not just an undefeated champion luchador, he’s also a superhero. When he’s not defending his title in the ring, he’s defending Mexico from mummies, vampire women and karate masters. Hey, somebody’s gotta do it…



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