It Must Be Jelly


Between T.V. gigs as Major Nelson and J.R. Ewing, actor Larry Hagman somehow wound up directing this sequel, also released as Son Of Blob. The original ’58 Blob is an absolute classic. This one? Not so much. It’s the kind of oddball schlock that could only have been made in the early 70’s, the age of The Corpse Grinders and Night Of The Lepus. The script (assuming there was one…alot of the dialogue seems improvised) could have been written by a kindergartener. It’s meant to be a comedy but most of the gags come off like some rib-poking jackass cornering you at a party. At least we get to see Gerrit Graham in a gorilla suit. It’s probably best appreciated with friends, MST3K style. It takes a true cinemasochist to sit through it alone. If anything, it left me with a strange craving for a jelly donut…



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