Nasty Habits or Nun More Black


Nunsploitation films are a prime example of the “sell the sizzle not the steak” method of exploitation marketing. They promise a nonstop kinkorama for raincoaters with a penguin fetish but many are quite heavy on plot, focusing on clergy politics, hypocrisy and backstabbing…which shouldn’t be surprising since the genre was inspired by the writings of Stendahl and Ken Russell’s The Devils. The basic message is that even if people hide away in a cloister and aspire to piety and purity they are still human and subject to earthly desires for love, sex, wealth, prestige and power. For intrigue check out The Sinful Nuns Of Saint Valentine, The Nuns Of Saint Archangel (aka Innocents From Hell)…If you want the really hot stuff, see Behind Convent Walls, Images In A Convent, Convent Of Sinners, School Of The Holy Beast and Runa: Story Of a Cloistered Nun…



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