The Trouble With Hairy


In Jack Arnold’s weirdest (and his own least favorite) movie, paleontology Prof Donald Blake (Arthur Franz) is studying a remarkably well-preserved coelacanth. Naturally, since this is a 50’s sci fi picture it turns out to be radioactive and anything that touches it goes devo…A dog becomes feral…a dragonfly grows to the size of a model airplane…and Dr. Blake reverts to an anthropoid…in plain English, a beefed up hirsute gnarly-faced refugee from Island Of Lost Souls…Basically an atomic age Wolf Man, this picture is better than its rep. The dialogue is clever, Franz’s acting is good and when you finally get to see the monster, it’s actually pretty scary. Incidentally, the mighty Thor’s alter ego in the silver age Marvel comics was Dr. Donald Blake. Perhaps Kirby and Lee were Jack Arnold fans? Just sayin’…


                       “Ready for our big love scene?”

“Yeesh! This guy makes Sean Connery look like a twink!”


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