Laid To Rest or Honey ‘n’ The Horn


A mad entomologist (classy, gorgeous Anitra Ford of The Big Bird Cage and Messiah Of Evil) has invented a process to infuse women with bee DNA, turning them into insatiable bugeyed supernymphos who literally love men to death. Crossing them with a praying mantis or a black widow would’ve made more sense, but whaddaya gonna do? Sure, it’s a one-joke premise…and a juvenile one at that, but it is funny…and alot of the laughter generated is of the nervous variety, because it taps into a primal male fear and desire (the French don’t call an orgasm “the little death” for nothing) not just for “going out swinging” but for a powerful, uncompromising female who can match them, even beat them at their own game. Exploitation films have always been criticized for objectifying, degrading and brutalizing women…and some of them are guilty as charged…but others (especially those of Russ Meyer, Jack Hill and Roger Corman) were the first to portray liberated, independent, ass-kicking females…



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