That Oughta Tickle Your Tonsils


Now here’s a curious artifact: a T.V. pilot from New World Pictures starring Dirk “Starbuck” Benedict as Dusty, a moonshine runner whose T-Bird has more gadgets than the Batmobile, Terri Nunn of the band Berlin as Sue Lynn Peach, his greasemonkey squeeze and Country music icon Tanya Tucker as her sister Lorette. Framed by rival bootlegger Vivian Stark (the indescribable Sally Kirkland) and railroaded by a Treasury agent (Lane Smith) the intrepid trio go undercover to bust Stark’s underworld syndicate. (By the way, you Blazing Saddles fans will no doubt recognize the guy playing her henchman Delbert.) There’s plenty of car chases, fisticuffs and humor. Nunn and Tucker are fiesty and have a good sisterly rapport. And they look awesome in spandex pants. Georgia Peaches indeed! *wolf whistle*¬†



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