Stick It To The Man


When her bank is robbed by an escaped convict, the dynamite brandishing Candy (Claudia Jennings) disgruntled bank teller Ellie Jo (Jocelyn Jones) decides she likes it better on the other side of the counter and joins Candy on her crime spree…and The Great Texas Dynamite Chase is off and running. If you’ve seen any of New World’s caper flicks you know you’re in for a rollicking good time and this flick does not disappoint. Claudia Jennings is at her badass best here and so is Jocelyn Jones (And they look so much alike, they could’ve passed for sisters if the script had been written that way. And speaking of sisters, in the early scenes watch for the adorable Tara Strohmeier as Candy’s li’l sis.) What I wouldn’t give to have been Slim (Johnny Crawford) their hostage/partner. Lucky bastard! 




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