Dracula Swings Like A Pendulum Do


What’s a far-out, turned-on bunch of British hippies to do for kicks when they’ve run out of bands to groove on and parties to crash? Why, perform a Black Mass, natch! (What is it with 70’s hippies and Satanism, anyway? Didn’t any of them see Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things?) Their little happening awakens Count Dracula from a century long nap (when you think about it, the Count ought to fit right in with that scene. Nocturnal. Goofy clothes. Bloodshot eyes.) and in gratitude, he drains ’em quicker than a sixer in a fratboy’s hands. Once you get past the Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls-ish hippy dippy trappings, you’ve got a standard Hammer horror film and it’s always a pleasure to watch Peter Cushing face off against Christopher Lee…




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