I’m Gonna Get You


This one was probably the last of the holiday-themed slasher movies out of the gate, right at the tail end of the 80’s golden age of splatter. It was originally titled April Fool’s Day until a slightly more famous movie beat it to the screens. It concerns a geek named Marty (Simon Scuddamore) whose birthday is April 1st. Ain’t that a bitch? He’s the butt of constant pranks by the popular kids (including the scrumptious Caroline Munro, who makes quite fetching bait). Eventually they sabotage one of his chemistry experiments…and as the old saying goes, it’s all fun and games til somebody gets a facefull of nitric acid. Cut to ten years later: a horribly scarred and thoroughly insane Marty uses his class reunion to settle the score with lethal pranks (which are even more inventive and nasty than your average Friday The 13th kill). The thing that really makes this film unique *SPOILER ALERT* is that he gets everybody…even the “final girl” who always survives slasher movies. Such a ballsy twist! If only they had stopped there. They decided to go with a twist-within-a-twist-within-a-twist ending, ripping off Maniac, Dressed To Kill etc. I can forgive that ‘cuz I loved this flick when I was a kid…and any movie where a geek gets to bump off stupid people will always find a warm place by the hearth of my heart…



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