Cannes You Dig It?


Shortly after the successful sickie Maniac starring Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro came this kinda-sorta-not-really sequel produced by Caroline’s husband Judd Hamilton (the guy in the robot cowboy suit in Starcrash, which also stars Spinell and Munro) and directed by David Winters (the guy who played A-Rab in West Side Story) which completes the Joe/Munro trifecta. The Last Horror Film is the Horatio Alger-esque tale of cabbie Vinny Durand (Spinell) who dreams of becoming the world’s greatest director and making a movie with his favorite actress Jana Bates (Munro). He follows her to Cannes to make his pitch. Given the brush-off by her producer and agent, Vinny remains undaunted, determined to do absolutely anything (including stalking, murder…and ridiculous fashion choices) to get Jana onboard for his movie. There are a few nasty, splattery moments reminiscent of Maniac but this movie is much more of a black comedy and showbiz satire. At times it reminded me of King Of Comedy. Joe’s natural eccentricity really shines through in this role. Are you sold yet? No? Two words: gratuitous nudity. Still not sold? Four more words: Joe Spinell in drag.



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