Reflections Of A Vampire


Oh, where to begin listing the charms of this movie…the obvious rubber bat? The ooo-WEE-ooo theremin? The total disregard for vampire lore? (People hang wolfsbane by their window rather than garlic. Drac walks in the daylight. And apparently he left his coffin back in Transylvania…along with his accent.) For me, the most priceless bit is that right before Drac puts the bite on someone, his face turns beet red like a cartoon character…I kept expecting steam to come out of his ears. The best way to experience this movie is back-to-back with Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter…which is how they were originally shown…and shot. They were the last two movies by William “One Shot” Beaudine, whose career began in the silent era, spanning 50 years and hundreds of quickie films including many relatively good B-Westerns, a W.C. Fields comedy and some howlingly funny exploitation films such as the roadshow classic “Mom And Dad”. Ted Newsom was speaking of the special effects in Ed Wood’s Plan 9  but I think it applies well to Beaudine’s career too, when he said “They may not be very good but by God, there’s alot of ’em.”



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