The Soul Of Godfather


Young law student Ike (Glynn Turman, Cooley High), out nightclubbing with his lady to celebrate their anniversary, participates in a hypnotist’s act as a goof (which never bodes well in movies) and soon he’s seeing freaky visions and acting like an asshole. Somehow he’s become possessed by the spirit of murdered 40’s gangster J.D. Walker, whose soul cannot rest until he’s scrambled the yeggs who bumped him. Although J.D.’s Revenge falls into that curious subgenre, the blaxploitation horror film, it’s not as campy as Blacula and at times is genuinely unsettling, closer in spirit to Bill Gunn’s Ganja And Hess. Glynn Turman does a great job of schizing back and forth between innocent Ike and vicious J.D. You’ll really feel for the guy as he goes through hell. Arthur Marks is fast becoming one of my favorite filmmakers…here’s a guy who directed the first 100 episodes of Perry Mason, then went indie, using his Hollywood chops to transcend B-movie budgets and expectations to create solid entertainment…



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