I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement


You’ve heard the phrase “The inmates have taken over the asylum?” Well somebody (S.F. Brownrigg) turned that premise into a movie…quite possibly the most psychotically illogical movie ever made. Nurse Charlotte (pretty ginger Rosie Holotik, also seen in Horror High) just scored a sweet new gig at Stevens’ Sanitarium…a sort of psychiatric halfway house with only two doctors (well, one after about the first five minutes) no orderlies, no security staff…and no locks on the doors. Oh and did I mention that most of the patients are violently psychotic? There’s the Judge, who literally believes that he’s judge, jury and executioner…a soldier with a war inside his head…a young mother with soft monkey syndrome (look it up)…a clingy nympho…a creepy young Larry Fine lookalike who loves to irritate everyone around him…and a lobotomized manchild. A little old lady tries to warn Charlotte that all is not what it seems and that she should hightail it out of there, not letting the doorknob hit her in the ass. But who’s gonna believe a crazy old broad, right? Soon the inmates begin to either bond with Charlotte or terrorize her or both. Then someone starts bumping everyone off in nasty ways. Whodunnit? Who cares?! You’ll spend the whole time screaming “Get out! Run you dunce! Go!” Seriously folks…this movie is cheesier than a 4-cheese pizza with extra cheese…



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