All The Sudsy Powers Of Hell


O.K., so this is a modern movie, not a drive-in classic but it’s obvious from Rob Zombie’s movies and music that he’s a lifelong B-movie geek. Much of the fun of his stuff is catching all the homages to horror, sci-fi and exploitation films. And this cartoon allows him to explore his obsessions at a rapid-fire pace. The animation style immediately reminded me of Ralph Bakshi and John K. El Superbeasto (Tom Papa) America’s answer to Santo, is a wrestler/superhero who, along with his uberbabe sister Suzi X (the ultrafoxy Sheri Moon Zombie) and her lovestruck robot Murray (Brian Posehn) must foil Dr. Satan’s (Paul Giamatti) diabolical plot to…marry a stripper…a foul-mouthed, gassy stripper (Rosario Dawson) with prehensile breasts…which will fulfill some biblical prophesy and give him super-Satan powers. And there’s the pesky threat of zombie Nazis. And Hitler’s head. This flick is a blitzkrieg of filthy ridiculousness…



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