Some Are For Loving…Some Are For Killing!


Clement Dunne (Andrew Prine) is a man on a mission. His mission? To rid the world of a terrifying menace: pretty girls who get naked for girlie mags. “I just want to help.” he says. His quarry? The Centerfold Girls: Jackie (Jaime Lyn Baxter) Charly (Jennifer Ashley) Glory (Ruthy Ross, a real-life Playmate and Bunny.) Sandi (Kitty Carl) and Vera (Tiffany Bolling). The cast is a veritable exploitation all-star team. There’s Francine York (The Doll Squad) as Melissa, the publisher of Bachelor magazine, Ray Danton as a sleazy modeling agent, Teda Bracci (The Big Bird Cage)…as (what a stretch!) a kooky hippie…Talie Cochrane (Fugitive Girls. “Good Christ…a lesbian!” ) and good ol’ Aldo Ray as a not-so-innocent bystander. They all have fun with Arthur Marks’ cynically pithy dialogue. The girls are not just gorgeous and sexy but intelligent and ballsy as well…no two-dimensional bimbos here. Prine is subtly creepy as the fastidious killer. The film hits all the psycho-thriller bases but still feels original and has great tension-building cinematography. And Tiffany Bolling, as always, is the toughest one in the picture. “Displaying your body is filth!” 



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