Why’d It Hafta Be Snakes?


Five guys who you’ll probably recognize from t.v. (David Janssen, Richard Long, Marshall Thompson, William Reynolds and Jack Kelly) play smartass Air Force buddies stationed “Somewhere in Asia”. Curious as tourists, they make the mistake of crashing one of the Cult Of The Cobra’s rituals (which involves a curvaceous woman in a skintight snake costume slithering out of a basket. Hotcha!). Understandably, the Cobra Cult (they prefer the term Lamians) are super pissed. Their high priestess (Faith Domergue, who looks about as exotic as a suburban W.A.S.P. housewife) follows the interloping flyboys to America, bumping ’em off one by one. She can transform herself into a cobra…a rubber one, which sees in a weird P.O.V. that I like to call “bubblevision”). 3-D queen Kathleen Hughes also stars…in 2-D…and isn’t given much to do. For more reptilian kicks, see Night Of The Cobra Woman and Sssssss…



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