It’s On Like Mekakong


The Diabolical Dr. Who (a mad Japanese scientist, not the British Time Lord) is commissioned by the megalomaniacal Madame X (Mie Hama, who played the good girl in King Kong VS. Godzilla. Linda Miller gets to ride the giant paw this time) to build nuclear weapons for “her country” (It’s insinuated that she’s working for the Viet Cong but never explicitly stated. People just keep saying “I don’t think they’re Japanese”). It just so happens that the Doc has built Mekakong, a robot King Kong doppelganger…So they send it down to mine “Element X” for the bombs’ payload. When the radiation proves too much for the simulated simian to handle, Dr. Who says, oh what the hell…Let’s get the real King Kong to do it. And off they go to Mondo Island (Thanks for the prescient plug, Toho! So I guess he moved there from Skull Island after whupping Godzilla’s ass five years prior?). You’d think that people would eventually realize that kidnapping Kong is a bad idea…The cage has yet to be built that can hold the King for long. Besides the inevitable showdown with Mekakong he also throws down with a giant snake..and in the best scene…a dinosaur (there are several nods to the original 1933 King Kong in this picture). I think the English dubbed version has Paul Frees voicing Dr. Who…Many of Toho’s monster mashes were not just dubbed but had new scenes with American actors shot for the versions shown in the States. Rankin & Bass handled the Americanization of this one. Though not as rollickingly awesome as King Kong Vs. Godzilla, King Kong Escapes is still a blast…



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