Cyclops Rocks


In this classic Sci-Fi flick from Ernest B. Schoedsack (who co-directed the original King Kong with Merian C. Cooper) myopic Dr. Thorkel (consummate character actor Albert Dekker. Look up his chapter in Hollywood Babylon sometime. Yowza!) has invented a radium-powered shrinking machine. Instead of zapping tumors he uses it to shrink 3 colleagues, his assistant Pedro and a burro dealer down to roughly the size of the original G. I. Joe dolls. Suddenly, even housecats (and chickens!) loom terrifyingly large above them as the quintet struggles to survive the Amazon jungle (and the Doc’s wisecracks). Some pretty ingenious special effects (and Dekker’s smarmy menace) make this a total joyride. I have a feeling it was a major influence on Jack Arnold’s Incredible Shrinking Man (and perhaps the Matheson novel itself?) Let’s get small!




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