One Violent Dude


Bucktown stars two of blaxploitation’s greatest icons…Fred Williamson and Pam Grier…and was directed by the great Arthur Marks (Detroit 9000, Bonnie’s Kids). Fred is Duke Johnson, who comes to Bucktown to bury his brother Ben and settle his estate. He soon discovers that not only is the town being leaned on by a corrupt police force running a protection racket but they also murdered his brother. Duke calls in his friend Roy (Thalmus Rasulala…always a fun name to say) to bring some muscle (Carl Weathers, Tony King) and help clean up Bucktown…which they do,i n grand style…but it’s not over yet. Soon Roy and his posse become the new police force and it’s “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” so it’s up to Duke and Aretha (Pam Grier, wonderful as always…intelligent, dignified, powerful and sexy as hell…I could write an entire blog just on how much I love this woman!) to clean up Bucktown for good. It’s a shame that this film is not as big a household name as Foxy Brown or Superfly, because it’s excellent on every level and free of the campy,s tereotyped jive that often comes across when white filmmakers are at the helm. It’s not just good for a blaxploitation film, or better than average for an exploitation film…it’s a great film



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