There’s A World Going On Underground


Obviously inspired by Jules Verne novels and 30’s adventure serials, The Mole People sends intrepid John Agar and Ward Cleaver…*ahem* I mean Hugh Beaumont…deep beneath the Earth’s surface, where they discover that the ancient Sumerians didn’t die out after all…they just relocated. They’re pastier than a 15 year old Goth and very inhospitable. Plus they use the mole people as slave labor. You know this can’t last ’cause these mole folks are big, strong and scary…They’d make the Monster of Piedras Blancas tan his khakis at the sight of ’em. (The fx makeup on them is excellent…more realistic than some of the sets). Agar and Beaumont are naturally likable and have a good onscreen rapport.This is definitely one of the better 50’s pictures…



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