Badass Bug


Tarantula’s Leo G. Carroll has invented a new synthetic nutrient but he hasn’t worked out all the bugs yet…It gives people acromeglia and makes animals ginormous. One of his assistants he used as a guinea pig, deformed and mad with rage, attacks Leo and trashes his lab. Before you can say “Rondo Hatton” a test tarantula gets loose and keeps growing. And growing. And growing. You’d need a shoe the size of an aircraft carrier to squash it. It’s up to ol’ John Agar and the beautiful, classy Mara Corday (an early Playboy playmate who also starred in The Giant Claw) to stop it…with a little help from bombardier Clint Eastwood. This picture has a pretty good pedigree…Released by Universal, the home of quality monster movies and directed by Jack Arnold (Creature From The Black Lagoon, Incredible Shrinking Man, It Came From Outer Space). Oh and I think some of the score was borrowed for Night Of The Living Dead. This may very well be the ultimate big bug flick…



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