Shaw ‘Nuff


One of the many pleasures of childhood that I really miss (pretty much everything I like is from a bygone era) was seeing Kung Fu movies on T.V. every week…and my favorites were the Shaw Brothers films…Whenever I saw the Shaw Bros logo hit the screen I knew I was gonna be blown away. One of, if not the most epic of all, was 36th Chamber Of Shaolin. It stars Kung Fu icon (and real-life Martial Arts master) Gordon Liu as Sen Te, a college student whose village is taken over by Mongols and his whole family slaughtered. Bent on vengeance, he spends years in a Shaolin temple, learning not only fighting techniques but discipline, focus and inner strength on a long, arduous journey toward freeing his village. Beautifully shot, wonderfully acted and full of action, humor and wisdom, this film is a classic and a visionary experience…




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