Maybe there’s something wrong with me but I just never get tired of dudes in gorilla suits chasing people around like they’re in a Scooby Doo music montage. There’s a bunch of monkey business in Monsters Crash The Pajama Party, a terminally goofy spoof of Poverty Row horror flicks. A quintet of sorority pledges (who look more like housewives) must spend the night in a mad doctor’s spookity mansion.


How do we know he’s a mad doctor? Well, he laughs maniacally all the time. His assistant Draculina calls him “Mad Doctor”. And it’s written on his lab coat. The doc needs the comely coeds for his experiments…he likes to turn people into gorillas. (Perhaps he plans to corner the depilatory market?)


This 30-minute short played at spookshows, where they’d show horror films, actors in monster costumes would run around hassling the audience and there’d be Grand Guignol type acts onstage. Ooo scary, eh kids?

Another short, this one in 3-D, Asylum Of The Insane, feels like a suburban family’s home movies…on acid. Very, very bad acid. The kind that makes you wanna write “Helter Skelter” on the walls. Fun for the whole family!



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