Where Life Is CHEAP!


This cinematic prank, perpetrated by mom-and-pop pervs Michael and Roberta Findlay, started off as Slaughter, just one of many early 70’s shockers designed to cash in on the Manson Family case. It follows a Sharon Tate-like actress to Argentina (where the film was shot MOS and then badly dubbed, with the Findlays doing some of the voices, so it feels like a foreign film) where she meets a killer hippie chick cult and their guru “Satan” (pronounced “Sa-TAWN”) who have plans for her and her unborn baby. Tasteful, innit? There’s plenty of the requisite nudity and violence to please the raincoaters and sickies but the film would’ve been a mere blip on the drive-in screen if the distributor hadn’t come up with one more exploitable gimmick: the then-hot urban legend of “snuff” films (supposed actual murders captured on film, none of which have ever been proven authentic). They changed the title to Snuff, tacked on a “film within a film” ending that looks like an outtake from an H.G. Lewis movie and marketed it as the real deal. Did it work? As ol’ P.T. said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”



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