6’2″ Of Dynamite


Although Tamara Dobson never quite attained the household name fame that Pam Grier did, she is no less of an icon herself. Hard as nails, carrying herself with a dignity that’s downright regal, Dobson was always a force to be reckoned with. In Cleopatra Jones (scripted by Max The Mack Julien himself) she’s a special government agent (which branch is never specified but I’m guessing DEA) battling drug queenpin “Mommy” (played full-throttle by Shelley Winters…she doesn’t chew the scenery, she purees it). Along for the hellacious, action-packed ride are the dashing Bernie Casey and consummate comedic character actor Antonio Fargas (I like to think of him as the black Dick Miller). Julien’s script provides genuine hipness, wit and some of the funniest one-liners in Blaxploitation history.  Right On,Cleo!



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