Maximum Mitchum


“Now, how rough do you want it?” Thunder Road is the Mitchumest picture known to man…he starred, produced, wrote the original treatment and the theme song, which he also sang…and his son Jim debuts in it. Mitchum brings his laconic, hooded-eye cool to Luke, a Korean war vet who returns home to Tennessee to find the family business (moonshine) beset by revenuers and rival bootleggers…which leads to some great breakneck car chases with souped up 50’s Fords. And there’s plenty of that hep, only-in-the-50’s dialogue. (“If you wanna bray, go find yourself a barnyard.”….Jim referring to a party as a “twistification”…) My fave scene is when Luke confronts the rival bootlegger…the funniest hero-meets-villain scene outside of a James Bond movie. Good stuff, Maynard! Anyone who’s into rockabilly culture and classic cars oughta dig this flick…



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