Fissure Of Rolando


You will thoroughly enjoy The Brain From Planet Arous if you are able to suspend not only disbelief but any sense of logic and even the most rudimentary knowledge of science. The film operates beyond the usual level of B-Science Fiction mumbo jumbo…beyond comic book physics…dancing on the borderline of surrealism. First off, the villain is a giant flying intangible alien brain with eyeballs that can flash-fry people and blow up planes with a look. Can you dig that? Pretty badass, right? Well, for some reason the alien Gor thinks he needs to possess John Agar’s body before he can conquer Earth. Personally,I  think Gor’s motivation is that Agar’s girlfriend is hot…and let’s face it…guys who are all brains rarely do well with the ladies. Hot on his heels (well, brains don’t really have heels, so how ’bout “hot on his cortex”?) is another alien brain named Vol, who’s out to foil Gor’s diabolical plan. Now, one would assume that Vol has all the same powers as Gor, so there’s gonna be an awesome flying brain showdown, right? Wrong. That would be logical. And remember, we left logic with the hatcheck girl when we came in, fanboy…



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