Shadows, Fog And Shatner


Once you get past the oddball novelty of this being the first (and only?) movie filmed in Esperanto (“The Universal Language”) it’s still weird. A labor of love for Outer Limits creator Leslie Stevens, the key word to describe this film is moody…The two blondes seem to have wandered off the set of Persona and into a 1930’s Universal horror film…A world of darkness, gnarled trees and more fog than an early 80’s music video. What makes the gratuitous use of an obscure foreign language (probably to give it a European feel so that people would be less questioning of its strangeness) all the more irritating is that the movie is almost all talk. There’s much talk of demons…We’ve got one incubus and two succubi (or is it succubuses?) And wrestling with demons…both figuratively and in the last reel, literally…One of the blondes actually wrestles a huge, gnarly black goat. If only it’d been Shatner tackling the old billy…Now that would’ve been worth the price of admission



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