Midnight Transgressions


Written and directed by Night Of The Living Dead zombie John Russo, Midnight is the story of a good Catholic girl named Nancy. Tired of fending off the advances of her slimy drunk stepfather (Lawrence Tierney) she decides to run away from home and live with her sister in California. She hitchhikes with two clean-cut creeps in a van. So of course, in accordance with horror story law, she winds up in a jerkwater town and stumbles upon a family of killer hillbillies (there’s pretty much two kinds: cannibals or religious/satanic fanatics. These folks belong to the latter category). Midnight doesn’t have the richness of character of the Dead films but it does have some excellent, sparingly used Tom Savini FX. And Martin star John Amplas does a nice, creepy turn as one of the devilish kids. All in all, an effective quickie drive-in thriller…


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