Fresh Fish


Bad Girls Dormitory is quite possibly the cheapest women-in-prison flick ever. From the looks of it they spent the lion’s share of the budget on hairspray. The cheapness just reinforces the sleazy ambience. Well, that and the fact that it actually delivers on the lurid promise of nympho inmates that most women’s prison flicks just tease with. Oh, and I neglected to mention that it’s actually set in a juvie slammer. Plotwise it’s totally by-the-numbers but there are some quirky stylistic touches: the warden is a supermodel-hot German blonde whose guards dress kinda like Nazis (one of whom is a Crumb-amazon sized woman who wears stiletto heeled boots). There’s an uncanny Marilyn Monroe lookalike inmate. And lots of hardboiled/oddball dialogue. The reason I chose to see this flick in the first place though, was to  watch Jennifer Delora commandeer the screen, which she does with a vengeance here, as the baddest of the bad girls. “You have pretty eyes.”



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