They’re Fiery! Fearless! Ferocious!


One can only imagine how Neil Armstrong felt when he made that giant leap for mankind,only to discover that there weren’t any curvaceous,love-starved amazonian space babes waiting for him,despite what countless early 50’s sci fi pictures had led us to believe…Cat-Women Of The Moon was the first of the litter. One wonders why they’re called “cat women” when they have no tails,no claws,and nary a purr nor meow is heard. They bear a stronger resemblance to a Vulcan dance class. (This look may have inspired Devo’s uniforms circa Oh,No! It’s Devo! Just a theory.) There’s a troubling undercurrent to this picture, which sort of taps into that male fear during the post-WWII,pre-feminist era,that women were gaining a bit of independence and,in the words of the Cat Women: “We have no use for men.” So,naturally,in the eyes of the predominantly male astronauts (and one conflicted female) the cat women are evil,and therefore must die. It’s often startling to notice how the space travelers of the pre-Star Trek era tend to come off as jingoistic,xenophobic,reactionary assholes…but then,science fiction has always been a critique of the real world disguised as escapist entertainment…Meow!



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