Viva Las Luchadoras!


In Doctor Of Doom we’re introduced to Las Luchadoras: Golden Rubi and Gloria Venus (Lorena Velazquez), a dynamic duo of tag-team wrestlers who fight crime in their spare time…


The not-so-good Doctor needs fresh brains for his experiments (when this guy says he loves you for your mind he means it.) So, with the help of his henchman Gomar (basically a refugee from Island Of Lost Souls with a shave and haircut) he kidnaps a fetching female scientist. Dick move, eh? Especially since it just so happens to be Venus’s sister. Oh, it’s on! Rubi and Venus battle the forces of evil and look stunning doing it. Even more stunning is that fact that their early 60’s hair-hopper do’s survive all that action unmussed…


And those hotcha muchachas return in Wrestling Women Vs. The Aztec Mummy  to face off against the Black Dragon…

black dragon

(Fu Manchu’s Mexican cousin?) who’s after the Aztec Mummy’s sacred bling. (Can’t a man get a good millennium’s sleep in peace?!)


It’s zombie-clobberin’ time in this no-holds-barred rumble in the crypt! Be there or be square!



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