Bikini Bombs


First off, don’t buy the ticket for this ride unless you’re in the mood for some serious wackiness. Dr Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine makes Laugh-In look like Masterpiece Theater and may make you long for the dry wit and subtlety of Benny Hill. It was made by the usual gang of idiots behind the AIP Beach Party flicks. Are you getting an idea of how goofy this is yet?  Vincent Price is awesome as always in it…you get the feeling he was really having a blast  hamming it up. And Susan Hart is hubba hubba to the max as the lead robo-babe:



One look at her and I found myself quoting Bugs Bunny: “Huh. Mechanical. Well, so she’s mechanical!

And one thing I’ve got to give this picture and its not so hot sequel Dr Goldfoot And The Girl Bombs (Mario Bava is a genius but he doesn’t know from comedy) credit for is that unlike the rest of the legion of James Bond ripoffs and spoof these guys understand that the most interesting character is the villain…Girl Bombs goes so far as to have Price talk to the camera Ferris Bueller style and guide us through the shenanigans.  Anyways, look into this flick if you dig mid-1960’s ridiculousity. Oh and did I mention that Susan Hart is hot?



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