Nanny And The Possessor


Beyond The Door aka The Devil Within Her was one of many cash-ins on the success of The Exorcist, though it also owes alot to Rosemary’s Baby. I’d never heard a good word about it so I wasn’t expecting much…and I usually find it’s much easier to enjoy films if you go into it with zero expectations…Well, its star Juliet Mills is lovely and quite charming, even when she becomes a demonically possessed pregnosaurus floating in midair, spinning her head and barfin’ up green gunk (which she then proceeds to lick off her fingers. That’s one thing Blatty never thought of…and it makes even a grown man such as your humble narrator say eeewwww…) Her daughter, who looks like a sweet Cindy Brady type but talks like a foul-mouthed hippie provides some intentional laughs. The whole movie has this pervading surreal weirdness. The Exorcist was weird…but this is European weird…



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