Nazi Microbes Stripped My Flesh


A lushed out actress, her young blonde assistant and a pilot crash a small plane on a desert island (well…it’s Long Island actually) and encounter a friendly (if somewhat creepy) German marine biologist. Things get awkward when they discover that the guy is actually a former Nazi scientist and the ocean is full of hungry germ warfare parasites that can strip a body clean before you can say “piranha”. The cinematography is gorgeous, the fx pretty effective and gruesome for a cheapie, the acting pretty decent as well. Though for me, as with alot of B pictures, it’s the dialogue that really pops…especially that of the smartass rummy actress and the kooky beatnik Omar (I mean, this cat is, like, real gone…makes Maynard G Krebs look like William F. Buckley).  So come aboard. We’ve been expecting you. Don’t forget your packet of “instant blood”…watch where you step…and above all, remember: “That silver stuff is bad medicine!

Flesh Eaters (1964)_003


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