Psychos Mad Doctors And Zombies Oh My!


It’s a tradition in low-budget films to recycle sets and footage…Al Adamson was the Dr Frankenstein of the drive-in, cobbling together films that are far more mindboggling than the sum of their disparate parts. Blood Of Ghastly Horror began life as a simple little heist picture called Two Tickets To Terror. When Al noticed that cheap Psycho imitations were popular he added some extra scenes which made one of the thieves into a brutal psychopath. Go-Go clubs were also on the rise so he added a couple of scenes of star Tacey Robbins singing while two bouffanted go-go girls shimmied…and voila! Psycho A Go-Go was born. About five years later he dusted it off, added a mad scientist (John Carradine) a police detective (Disney and Pajama Party vet Tommy Kirk) and a zombie that looks like a green-around-the-gills version of Cesare from The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari. He sold this version to t.v. as Man With The Synthetic Brain while simultaneously releasing it theatrically as Blood Of Ghastly Horror. If you think the history of this film is convoluted, confusing and nonsensical…wait ’til you actually watch this puppy. This is one mutant mutt of a movie that would make Dr. Moreau rethink his profession…



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