Monstersaurus Wrecks


The Naked Monster is a sublimely ridiculous screwball paean to the city-stomping monster movies of yore, brought to life by Ted Newsom (the cinematic smartass behind the Ed Wood documentary Look Back In Angora) and Wayne Berwick (director of Microwave Massacre and son of Irv “Monster From Piedras Blancas”  Berwick). Thrill to the dimestore FX! Toy cars and planes! Obvious matte jobs! Goofy dude-in-a-suit monster!…And about 16 tons of stock footage! Gasp at the cavalcade of cameos! Kenneth Tobey! (The Thing) John Agar! (Tarantula) Lori Nelson! (Revenge Of The Creature) Gloria Talbott! (I Married A Monster From Outer Space) Forry Ackerman! Paul “Kelton the cop” Marco! And…for guys whose hormones first came of age in the 80’s (such as your humble narrator)…the delectable Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer! Scarier than Airplane! Funnier than The Day The Clown Cried! Can you prove that it didn’t happen?



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