Merrye Maladies


The mid 1960s were a harum scarum camp-o-rama. Even the Dark Knight himself got psychedelic and silly. T.V. saw the rise of two Gothic oddball clans, The Addams Family and The Munsters, who, underneath their freaky deaky looks and behavior, were as kind and loving as any “normal” sitcom family…Then along came Spider Baby, the movie that asks: what if you went to visit one of these families and they weren’t just creepy and kooky but lethal

Meet Virginia and Elisabeth…


These two cutie pies just love to entertain. And if you’re real nice, Virginia might even let you meet her spiders and play in her web. 

Meet their big brother Ralph…


Yes, his size is a bit intimidating and he plays a bit rough…but don’t worry. At heart, he’s just a big kid. 

Meet Bruno, their harried and hapless chauffeur turned guardian…


He won’t hate you. He promised their daddy he wouldn’t. 

And if you’re REAL lucky, you may even get to meet Uncle Ned. Just remember that Ralph is allowed to eat anything that he catches…


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